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My name is Peace Ravenwood and I am a Living Foods educator and experimenter, founder of the School of Living Foods and Alchemy Elixir Cafe ~ based in Northamptonshire UK. I love sharing the gifts and benefits of a life rich in raw foods, and also love spending as much time as possible outside in the garden, growing lots of fresh organic produce to use in the recipes. Wild foraging is also a passion of mine, one which I am constantly learning more about. My life is dedicated to learning and sharing every aspect of life in the raw, from seed ~ stomach ~ spirituality and sensuality. My other loves are of spending time with loved ones Anthony and our tribe of furry companions, reading, researching, writing and a little radical rebellion...my aim here to you is to walk with you while we change our world, one meal at a time Inlakesh Peace xxx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Interesting ups & downs

Over the past couple of days I have been retreated into my studies which have really been my inspiration and drive while on retreat.
Managing around 10 lessons per day I am 3/4 way through now and so looking forward to the exam and qualifying.  Then I will be able to pass on all the learning to many more who are looking to change their lives and regain health and wholeness.

It is a really interesting time, as normally I would be so very very active and busy running around with not a second to stop...often a good thing really as I am not tempted by naughty and unhealthy foods...however, in these times I would always sucumb in the evenings to some crisps or some other baddy!  Now, as I am free from the opportunity, I am at least keeping fairly 'clean'...

Realising that food addictions, like any other addictions, will always be part of my life is taking some understanding and acceptance to work with the energy surrounding the times when I feel like going backwards.
I know that keeping to my raw foods as much as is comfortably acheiveable (around 80%) is the best for my future.
It never ceases to amaze me that I am going through phases of detoxification on a regular basis when I leave out foods that have crept back in again.  Not nice to go through but it is a good part of the process.
In 7 years I will have a completely new body, from cells to muscles, lungs, bones, everything!  That is how long it takes for our bodies to renew themselves...how amazingly awesome is that!?  I find it totally inspiring to think that, on my journey to wellness, I get to have a new perfect healthy body at the end of it all...

Anyway, back to the ups and downs bit...I am having daily conversations with myself...yeah, I know, been on my own too long again! ... to work through eahc meal and why I am taking in the foods I am eating.  I brought with me a limited supply of superfoods and today ran out of them, so I am trying not to worry about not having them...they are part of every day for me to complete my nutritional intake being largely a liquid meal eater.
I am aiming to further simplify intake by narrowing the number of foods going into my body each meal time...particularly the cooked meals, so as not to burden my digestion with to many complex things to digest.
Liquid meals are the easiet for any digestion as it is all mushed up so the stomach can extract the nutrients and pass them through the rest of the intestinal process with minimal effort. 
Why tax our system with the job of digesting huge food particals when we can go out and have much more fun if it is all done for us by the blender! LOL

Juicing is even better...no effort whatever as the pure plant foods pass directly into the blood stream from the mouth delivering all the nutrients with no effort at all...and boy do I miss my juicer right now ~ one last pre-juiced shot left and then I will need to go home and restock!

So, the ups are many...lots of time spent in study instead of making food, lots of energy although it is not spent physically but mentally this week (apart from walking) and more than enough concentration power.
The downs?  Well, still trying to stay away from not beneficial cooked foods really.  Holed up in the house is cool...no temptations...and I am doing pretty well when out and about too, but the main downer is that I keep beating myself up about the last month or so when eating too many crisps, bread and oven chips of all things!!!
Stupid, but human!!!

I have now taken a pledge to give up fish and all dairy apart from when I have the odd coffee treat time...I was up until last week, eating fish weekly, but now it has gone!  I am so proud to have made that decision.
Out too must be the crisps ~ the trans-fats they contain are SO toxic it just is not worth the pain they will cause in the long term or the waste storage in the short term!

A real investment was made this week, even though I ought to have spent the money on other things...I have bought the long awaited GS2 gravity fed water filter...it hold 9 litres and can process 50 litres a day!  As I use filtered water for everything, this will make it so much easier.  Next week I will order the additional fluoride filters that are extra.  Then our ingesting water will be as pure as possible.
We are lucky to have a spring over the lane which we will collect from daily ~ the filter makes all rain and spring water safe and drinkable.
Next will be the filter for the shower...water that goes on our skin is just as toxic to us as that which we drink...

I have also invested in some superherbs...and they should be here very soon...then my liquid diet will be taken to an even higher realm of divinity...watch this space for the recipes and pictures!

I must end by saying that although the fried potato crisps are out of my life (weep)  the humble spud is still revered!  But, I am now steaming and baking them.
I have found today that rice cause a reaction, so that too is out...interesting.  Spelt pasta too, although I love it occasionally, has caused bloating and excess excreations, so this will be phased out.

Now, I hope the new smoothies and teas that will be brewed from this week will remove all final emotional ties to these food, so my life can soar to even higher dimensions...

Love, hope and abundance xxxxxxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

My 'retreat' ~ R&R

My little 'retreat' is actually a spot of house and pet sitting for a dear friend whilst she is in hospital having a new hip fitted.  She had come through the op well and should be home on Tuesday nest week.
So, while she is away Aura & I are looking after her huge house and assorted furry companions which is lovely.  It is very peaceful here, rather like our own home, and surrounded by wild beauty of the Buckinghamshire countryside.  I am blessed to be able to walk for, well miles if Aura were able to, along the gallops at the farm here, but we make do with a shorter stroll so not to tire her out too much!
She would go for longer walks if left up to her as she is not aware of being restricted by her dis-ease, but, if she has too much exercise she is very tired and sore, so 'mum' keeps her walks shorter nowadays.

I have decided to take advantage of being away from the kitchen to catch up on my studies and rest up a bit, well, alot actually!  The last couple of months has been pretty full on in the kitchen, and, now that I have been given the opportunity to go in a slightly unplanned direction, I can spend time re-structuring things for the next pathway of adventures.
It does feel a little lazy to be spending so much time just 'sat' studying, but, as life is about to go 'mega' it feels great and luxuriant and decadent...all lovely words and ones we perhaps should embrace using more often, even daily or hourly!  Loving oneself with these feelings is wonderful, just like taking a long hot bath in some lovely bubbles with candles...and we should do that more and more...

I purposely left all my fiction reads at home and only brought practical work with me, as to spend time in fantasy would perhaps have been a waste of energy...plus I use fictional books to shut off in an evening from all the work energy, so to bring that with me here would prevent me spending time on my studies...being a bookish girlie I love reading, learning, exploring the realms of conciousenss and fantasy etc..
So, how am I spending my days here?
I start the day as I would normally, by drinking 2 pints of pure water before getting clean and dressed.  I sort out all the furry ones needs and then prepare the days smoothies.  I make about a litre of smoothie and drink half before my morning walkies and half when we return.  This keeps my bodymindspirit full and happy until about 1pm most days.

It is cold today so I made a cup of coffee...something I would not normally do at home, and it was yucky!  Instant coffee really sucks big time...I now only have posh coffee when out and about ~ now I know why!!!!  Should have chosen tea like I was going to!

Anyway, I had a pinapple to eat up, so just had half of it now, followed by 3 squares of my raw mint chocolate ~ totally lovely!

Whilst waiting for the next video lesson to load (which takes forever on this computor)  I thought I would update the blog...lol

This afternoon we will take another walk along the gallops, hopefully not in the driving rain like this morning...even though it was invigorating.  Then come home and back to the studies until bed time...interspersed with mooching around and brushing the doggies and some hoovering upstairs.

Tomorrow is forcast to be a lovely day, so we will spend it outdoors tidying the garden for a couple of hours, as I have always done when staying over here...she has a lovely garden ~ quite huge, and full of cottage garden plants which now need putting to bed for the Autumn.
I may pop into the village at some point for a coffee and some world watching, just to take a break from isolation...you can go days here and see no-one!

I suppose I could explain about the course I am taking?  Well, I am studying Raw Nutrition with the Body Mind Institute of Canada ~ it is David Avocado Wolfes Certification course and is an online study system.  I am really loving it as all the lessons are by video feed from Davids home in Canada...a wild and beautifully abundant ecosystem...David is such a passionate and energetic teacher and this really comes over in the lessons.  Each lesson is followed by a multiple choice quiz.  At the end of the course is the exam.  It will take me another couple of months to complete it as I want to read all the writen support notes that accompany it before taking the exam.
After this exam I will begin the next course that came FREE with this one...another Nutrition course but direct from the Institute.  By early 2011 I will have completed this one.
There is an affiliate scheme with the Institute and once I have set it up I will link it here and to the website, so that, if you want, you are able to have access to the courses they provide.  I feel that the content and value they provide is amazing and so available to us no matter what restricted budget we are in...personally this was the best way for me to study as every penny coming in needs to be spent so wisely and I know we are all in the same vibration with this.  We need to invest in our futures to provide the best for us all.

Back to the love of my life...Aura...she is the most beautiful dog in the Universe...and has been such an amazing friend and guide for the last 11 years.  Here is a picture of her for you

Monday, 20 September 2010

uploaded pictures

the remains of the fruit hamper!

my green juice and all that is left in pulp form (Aura will eat this)

water kefir 'swimming' in the sun

water kefir grains on day 2 of brewing

some of the super ingredients I use most days
Here are a few pictures that I have just uploaded

A period of rest and recuperation & amazing juicing!

Well what a glorious Monday morning we awake to! so beautiful to feel the sun on my face and tend to the salad leaves not to mention catch up on a little housekeeping after a very busy weekend again.

I would like to share my juice with you this bountiful day.

On Saturday I was blessed to win a huge fruit hamper in a 'guess how many pickles in the jar' competetion!  Wow, what a good home it came to...already half empty after today but still full of lovely things like mango and pineapple! Ant got to have all the preserves and a pack of biscuits so it was a win win thing!

So, today, after making the downstairs nice and clean and going over all the kitchen so it is spotless again, I have just sat and drank a pint of amazing green juice.
In it were:  One red grapefruit (not skin), one pear, one apple, one stick celery, one cucumber, 1/3 fennel bulb, lots of baby salad leaves of lettuce, spinach and snow pea tops plus sunflower greens.
all this went through the Green Star juicer to make a tangy but sweet chlorophyll rich juice.
One pint down and another in the fridge for later.  Mmmm Yummy.

Today marks the start of my journey back to high raw after a few manic weeks of not really having time to love my tummy or body much, having been so darn busy!  It sounds daft really, as I spend ALL day every day making raw foods to take out to others, but, as it is mostly chocolate foods, I have had little time to actually spend juicing as I would prefer to do for optimum nutrition.  
I love making chocolate (who wouldn't) but after a spoonful tasting of each you do loose appetite so end up not eating anything all day...not a good thing really if you are aiming to pack in the greens!  
I have eaten a large part of my daily food as raw but it has lacked the green element that is so important.
As we eat a cooked meal in the evening, I have eaten too many white potatoes and some pastry each week too as well as snacking on potato crisps (a huge no-no).
So, this is it!  Back on track and in line to shed another stone of waste from my body. No doubt some more detoxing is occurring already as I have a stinking headache today!
I have 2 weeks before the next event is booked in, so I will have much more time to make smoothies and juices each day and far more time to relax and enjoy my studies too.  
I will make more chocolate, but it is not so intense now, so I can make time to create other foods too.

In the next couple of weeks I will also be venturing into the cafe to begin making foods there too...so looking forward to that I can tell you. 
There are so many of us in Northamptonshire who are concious of what we eat, but really struggle to find anywhere to eat out that makes lovely food with a loving energy.  Even salads are pretty poor in the majority of eateries.
Namaste House is already a beautiful place to eat and it will continue to gain a reputation for its food now we move into new waters of Vegan and Raw dishes.

Wishing you all an amazing day full of abundance and love xxx Namaste xxx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sacred Foods Workshop

Sacred Plant Spirit Medicine day working with Cacao and High Vibrational Foods - Saturday 9th October at Raw Alchemy HQ, Northamptonshire, UK.

This will be our second sacred foods workshop but our first to go deeply into the uses and medicinal qualities of Cacao.
You will learn how to make Elixir drinks which contain cacao and other superfoods as well as what we term 'high vibrational' foods, such as Etheriums and Suma.  These foods greatly assist in our journey to wellness and awareness of our life path.
You will also learn how to make a basic raw chocolate recipe, how to blend ingredients, use of different moulds for chocolate and specialist equipment.
In addition you will be looking deeply at where you are at on your own individual journey, what blocks have formed and how to remove them safely and easily ~ this is all part of the journey work cacao facilitates and can be very emotional for some people.
There will be time spent looking at addictions and the role they play in life and how we can overcome them using sacred foods and meditations/quiet time.
Included will be recipes and info sheets for you to take home. 

The Venue:  Raw Alchemy is situated in the tranquil rural village of Chadstone just a few miles from Northampton town centre.  Very close to a natural spring and having the benefit of ley lines and a positive energy fountain running beneath the house, this is a peaceful and healing environment for any deep energy workings.  The venue has a permanent temple room for relaxation and an efficient working kitchen for workshops.  It is also the home of Dawn and her husband Ant and their furry family of felines and special dog Aura, who will all enchant you with their antics...

Cost:  £45 per person (some concessions available)

booking:  please email Dawn to book your place


The virtuous Carrot

Oh how lovely is the carrot?  Full of light, sun energy and earth elements and sweetness...add some fresh coriander and you have a very high nutrient meal waiting for your tummy to enjoy!
Yes, I juiced again this morning!  I have had little time to think of using the juicer lately as it does take some time to clean afterwards, and being busy means not much time for that!
But, I really wanted some high nutrients today and having some carrots and coriander needing using up rather than end up in the compost heap, I juiced them...about 10 carrots and a bunch of coriander...all through the Green Star for the most lush green juice ever!  Yes, it was green!  I now feel very 'open' and aware and also needing another trip to the bathroom!
I am still aiming for a high water content during the day and less actual food until later, just to really cleanse my system and provide a clear pathway for all the lovely nutrients in the water kefir that I am taking each day now.
This is all a new subject for me and fascinating...I shall dig up all the info on water kefir for a blog entry here later on.
Right, must go now, Aura is looking at me and asking for a walk, so off we go...into the windy day
love and abundance xxx


Monday, 13 September 2010

A duvet day...almost

Oh how lovely it would be to have a duvet day...not had one in such a long time.
After a very full on few weeks of constantly creating foods to fulfil markets I have reached a bit of a crisis...one more week of really full on foodie making and then there is a small break where it eases a little.

After an unsettled night without my dearest Ant to snuggle up with for the 3rd in a row while he is sleeping over at his fathers (Tom has cancer and has been unwell for the past few weeks), restless cats and doggie with upset tummy...I woke early determined to have a slow day.

And, I did...moontime is also here and boy has that made me more than a little emotional!  So, I managed to breathe through an almost panic morning with lots going on, and took myself over to Namaste House in Earls Barton ~ already a sanctuary of peace and love, the shop and coffee shop are beautiful, tranquil and such a haven of calm, this is soon to be where you will find me, creating love filled foods for the patrons.

Sadie, who is the 'keeper' of the house has offered the coffee shop to us so that our energy can flow with that of the therapies and fair trade wares in the shop.  We will be looking after the foodie side of things from early October...so exciting!
More on Namaste House in another post.

After that visit, I went over and bought supplies for Luke's lunches, then home to make them for him...super sexy raw curry, strawberry desserts and chocolate pudding...what a lucky guy!  He has already noticed his appetite lessening and also naturally eating much slower when eating raw meals than he would cooked ones...thoroughly enjoying them!

That is what I so love about raw foods...how they can change our whole way of eating and experiencing foods.  It makes me glow with happiness to see people really fall in love with raw!

More lovely friends have shared their experiences with me this week too ~ all saying that once they have eaten some of the raw foods I create, that they go off conventional foods ~ and start craving more raw living food!  Totally awesome!
Corrr...how busy will I be???
I really am looking forward to making more foods and also training new raw chef's to help spread more raw!

Back to the duvet...well, soon...we ate a lovely supper together now Ant is home for the night, and we are now chillaxing.
Tom (dad) is staying in hospital for a few days to gain some strength.  He has weakened a great deal recently and has lost a lot of weight.  Let us hope that after this latest bit of medical care, that he recovers a bit of his old self enough to enjoy life again.

Night night all xxx

Friday, 10 September 2010

such a beautiful sunset...

The most awesome breakfast smoothie

Morning, early start today as I was going to be on a farmers market in Towcester, but, after a night working through deep thoughts, I woke at 5.30, got up and started catching up on lots of things that had been pushed to one side due to being so busy!  You know how it is, paperwork just gets put in a dark corner and grows cobwebs!

Anyway, that is now all sorted into more digestible bits and the hoovering is done, altar cleaned and tidied, all crystals dusted and re-arranged...lovely way to start the day...

Now, to food!  I love having a liquid meal in a glass...very decadent ones at times.  Here is what I just made...

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

2 bananas
1 large avocado
1 heaped dessert spoon of either my chocolate Elixir powder OR just raw cacao powder
11/2 pint filtered water
some agave if you like it sweet

place all in the blender wizz until lovely and creamy.

Sit down and drink it all up, then enjoy your chocolate moustache!  This is the most filling and satisfying breakfast drink ~ especially with the Elixir in it as it contains some of the highest nutritional foods on the planet!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Welcome to my new Blog

After many months sending updates through twitter & Facebook I now have the nice new shiny blog to keep you all up to date with happenings in my raw world...each day I will post the experiences with living foods, adventures around and about, new energies, superfoods, cacao spirit medicine, and furkid adventures (we have a beautiful collie Aura and our daft cats too!)
Here is the place for all those recipes, both cooked and raw that I love so much, and a place to share those moments of un-clarity when cooked food is not being well received in my body! Yes, there are moments like that most weeks :0)
Well, for now, here is a beautiful picture to share with you

Dawn )0(