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My name is Peace Ravenwood and I am a Living Foods educator and experimenter, founder of the School of Living Foods and Alchemy Elixir Cafe ~ based in Northamptonshire UK. I love sharing the gifts and benefits of a life rich in raw foods, and also love spending as much time as possible outside in the garden, growing lots of fresh organic produce to use in the recipes. Wild foraging is also a passion of mine, one which I am constantly learning more about. My life is dedicated to learning and sharing every aspect of life in the raw, from seed ~ stomach ~ spirituality and sensuality. My other loves are of spending time with loved ones Anthony and our tribe of furry companions, reading, researching, writing and a little radical rebellion...my aim here to you is to walk with you while we change our world, one meal at a time Inlakesh Peace xxx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Interesting ups & downs

Over the past couple of days I have been retreated into my studies which have really been my inspiration and drive while on retreat.
Managing around 10 lessons per day I am 3/4 way through now and so looking forward to the exam and qualifying.  Then I will be able to pass on all the learning to many more who are looking to change their lives and regain health and wholeness.

It is a really interesting time, as normally I would be so very very active and busy running around with not a second to stop...often a good thing really as I am not tempted by naughty and unhealthy foods...however, in these times I would always sucumb in the evenings to some crisps or some other baddy!  Now, as I am free from the opportunity, I am at least keeping fairly 'clean'...

Realising that food addictions, like any other addictions, will always be part of my life is taking some understanding and acceptance to work with the energy surrounding the times when I feel like going backwards.
I know that keeping to my raw foods as much as is comfortably acheiveable (around 80%) is the best for my future.
It never ceases to amaze me that I am going through phases of detoxification on a regular basis when I leave out foods that have crept back in again.  Not nice to go through but it is a good part of the process.
In 7 years I will have a completely new body, from cells to muscles, lungs, bones, everything!  That is how long it takes for our bodies to renew themselves...how amazingly awesome is that!?  I find it totally inspiring to think that, on my journey to wellness, I get to have a new perfect healthy body at the end of it all...

Anyway, back to the ups and downs bit...I am having daily conversations with myself...yeah, I know, been on my own too long again! ... to work through eahc meal and why I am taking in the foods I am eating.  I brought with me a limited supply of superfoods and today ran out of them, so I am trying not to worry about not having them...they are part of every day for me to complete my nutritional intake being largely a liquid meal eater.
I am aiming to further simplify intake by narrowing the number of foods going into my body each meal time...particularly the cooked meals, so as not to burden my digestion with to many complex things to digest.
Liquid meals are the easiet for any digestion as it is all mushed up so the stomach can extract the nutrients and pass them through the rest of the intestinal process with minimal effort. 
Why tax our system with the job of digesting huge food particals when we can go out and have much more fun if it is all done for us by the blender! LOL

Juicing is even better...no effort whatever as the pure plant foods pass directly into the blood stream from the mouth delivering all the nutrients with no effort at all...and boy do I miss my juicer right now ~ one last pre-juiced shot left and then I will need to go home and restock!

So, the ups are many...lots of time spent in study instead of making food, lots of energy although it is not spent physically but mentally this week (apart from walking) and more than enough concentration power.
The downs?  Well, still trying to stay away from not beneficial cooked foods really.  Holed up in the house is cool...no temptations...and I am doing pretty well when out and about too, but the main downer is that I keep beating myself up about the last month or so when eating too many crisps, bread and oven chips of all things!!!
Stupid, but human!!!

I have now taken a pledge to give up fish and all dairy apart from when I have the odd coffee treat time...I was up until last week, eating fish weekly, but now it has gone!  I am so proud to have made that decision.
Out too must be the crisps ~ the trans-fats they contain are SO toxic it just is not worth the pain they will cause in the long term or the waste storage in the short term!

A real investment was made this week, even though I ought to have spent the money on other things...I have bought the long awaited GS2 gravity fed water filter...it hold 9 litres and can process 50 litres a day!  As I use filtered water for everything, this will make it so much easier.  Next week I will order the additional fluoride filters that are extra.  Then our ingesting water will be as pure as possible.
We are lucky to have a spring over the lane which we will collect from daily ~ the filter makes all rain and spring water safe and drinkable.
Next will be the filter for the shower...water that goes on our skin is just as toxic to us as that which we drink...

I have also invested in some superherbs...and they should be here very soon...then my liquid diet will be taken to an even higher realm of divinity...watch this space for the recipes and pictures!

I must end by saying that although the fried potato crisps are out of my life (weep)  the humble spud is still revered!  But, I am now steaming and baking them.
I have found today that rice cause a reaction, so that too is out...interesting.  Spelt pasta too, although I love it occasionally, has caused bloating and excess excreations, so this will be phased out.

Now, I hope the new smoothies and teas that will be brewed from this week will remove all final emotional ties to these food, so my life can soar to even higher dimensions...

Love, hope and abundance xxxxxxx

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