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My name is Peace Ravenwood and I am a Living Foods educator and experimenter, founder of the School of Living Foods and Alchemy Elixir Cafe ~ based in Northamptonshire UK. I love sharing the gifts and benefits of a life rich in raw foods, and also love spending as much time as possible outside in the garden, growing lots of fresh organic produce to use in the recipes. Wild foraging is also a passion of mine, one which I am constantly learning more about. My life is dedicated to learning and sharing every aspect of life in the raw, from seed ~ stomach ~ spirituality and sensuality. My other loves are of spending time with loved ones Anthony and our tribe of furry companions, reading, researching, writing and a little radical rebellion...my aim here to you is to walk with you while we change our world, one meal at a time Inlakesh Peace xxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

A period of rest and recuperation & amazing juicing!

Well what a glorious Monday morning we awake to! so beautiful to feel the sun on my face and tend to the salad leaves not to mention catch up on a little housekeeping after a very busy weekend again.

I would like to share my juice with you this bountiful day.

On Saturday I was blessed to win a huge fruit hamper in a 'guess how many pickles in the jar' competetion!  Wow, what a good home it came to...already half empty after today but still full of lovely things like mango and pineapple! Ant got to have all the preserves and a pack of biscuits so it was a win win thing!

So, today, after making the downstairs nice and clean and going over all the kitchen so it is spotless again, I have just sat and drank a pint of amazing green juice.
In it were:  One red grapefruit (not skin), one pear, one apple, one stick celery, one cucumber, 1/3 fennel bulb, lots of baby salad leaves of lettuce, spinach and snow pea tops plus sunflower greens.
all this went through the Green Star juicer to make a tangy but sweet chlorophyll rich juice.
One pint down and another in the fridge for later.  Mmmm Yummy.

Today marks the start of my journey back to high raw after a few manic weeks of not really having time to love my tummy or body much, having been so darn busy!  It sounds daft really, as I spend ALL day every day making raw foods to take out to others, but, as it is mostly chocolate foods, I have had little time to actually spend juicing as I would prefer to do for optimum nutrition.  
I love making chocolate (who wouldn't) but after a spoonful tasting of each you do loose appetite so end up not eating anything all day...not a good thing really if you are aiming to pack in the greens!  
I have eaten a large part of my daily food as raw but it has lacked the green element that is so important.
As we eat a cooked meal in the evening, I have eaten too many white potatoes and some pastry each week too as well as snacking on potato crisps (a huge no-no).
So, this is it!  Back on track and in line to shed another stone of waste from my body. No doubt some more detoxing is occurring already as I have a stinking headache today!
I have 2 weeks before the next event is booked in, so I will have much more time to make smoothies and juices each day and far more time to relax and enjoy my studies too.  
I will make more chocolate, but it is not so intense now, so I can make time to create other foods too.

In the next couple of weeks I will also be venturing into the cafe to begin making foods there too...so looking forward to that I can tell you. 
There are so many of us in Northamptonshire who are concious of what we eat, but really struggle to find anywhere to eat out that makes lovely food with a loving energy.  Even salads are pretty poor in the majority of eateries.
Namaste House is already a beautiful place to eat and it will continue to gain a reputation for its food now we move into new waters of Vegan and Raw dishes.

Wishing you all an amazing day full of abundance and love xxx Namaste xxx

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