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Monday, 13 December 2010

Sunfood Diet Success system ~ Day One ~

"I am fully responsible for my own great health.  My daily habits create my great health"

Morning is a good time to start this journal today as I am at home resting, well, if you call it resting (LOL)...
As I am now immersed in the SunFood Diet Success System, David Wolfe's amazing book has me hooked!
One Lesson at a time to ensure it all sinks in and is embedded into my soul so there is no room to & I hate to say the 'f' word, so I shall say 'get distracted'...

Started by taking a 'before' picture...not a good one, but I am smiling!  I hate my pic taken at the best of times but this is for a very serious cause, so it has been done...will upload later.

Now, the first question I must answer is;  What type of person do I have to become to experience radiant health? & How do I become that type of person as quickly as possible while enjoying the process?

This is such a huge thing to answer...I feel that I have to become much more connected to my heart than I thought I was...for then I will not keep falling into the trap of eating out of lazy or greedy emotions...in my heart I know what needs to be done to get to where I am going with this life, and I have until now just been treading water, which is a pattern that has been prevallent in my life!
I am such a devoted and creative soul with huge passion to take my dreams to the heights they can go, but, for some reason, probably fear, I remain in a physical rut on the outside...inside has changed for I can feel it, with the huge energy I now have and the general wellness plus so much creativity it can get a bit tiring as I have trouble stopping even in my sleep!

So, I also have to become 'fearless'!  I have to trust that all will be well and all will be perfect, instead of just saying it I have to 'believe' it!

How to become that person??? Well, I guess more time looking inward as David says to do...and more time spent in quiet thought and also some meditation and breathing, and some sound wave therapy will be sooo good!  I have no trouble voicing myself now apart from when I go into panic mode and then I just cry, silly really but that is what happens.
Yes, quiet reflections, planning and 'feeling' the changes rather than looking on the outside for them, expecting results while still stuck in the 'old' energy of years of self sabotage ...

I have now gone back to being almost vegan, although I could not call myself vegan as I do eat honey and some eggs, but I now have stopped eating cheese which is great as it made me ill anyway!
I have committed to brewing all the superherb teas every day now, and today made an amazing mega smoothie to begin the day;

2/3 pint superherb tea (see last nights post) cold
one large spoon raw honey
one banana
one pear
on tbsp maca
one tsp chlorella & spirulina combined
one tsp mucuna
one tsp vanilla powder

so green and thick and lovely

I will be juicing later before I go into town to do my Monday stuff and see dad in hospital.  

The juice will be; carrot, apple, kale, fennel and ginger...mmmmm!!!

Tonight for dinner we will have a steamed feast of kale, savoy, onion, raw garlic, cherry tomatoes, Udo's oil and Bragg's Amino's ( I add the oil and aminos after steaming ) with a few roast potatoes...not many! or some mash, which ever I feel like.
I know that white potatoes and other starches are so not the best thing to eat but if I can leave off eating the crisps (replacing them with dehydrated sweet potato crisps) and keep them to a minimum I feel that I am not depriving myself totally of the food that I really love...who, knows, some time in the coming weeks and months they may just fall out of my life without me trying...

Now, I must go and get on with the day as I wish to achieve much today as usual...I feel good and positive and will not let fear of complacency come into my life - that is my promise to me today...

Om Shanti
Amber Dawn xxx



  1. Superb book choice! I too have David's book and have yet to utilise it(had it for years:), you've just remided me how good it is an I must help self and create one's life, thank-you!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. hey cosmic thank YOU, wow this is so great, I wish you so much love and success in starting this journey with sunfoods...it is so good to be sharing xxx